The artists, producers, and staff at Humble Beast and Reach Records represent the most admirable model of what the artist's vocation entails: wisdom and wonder. These record labels exemplify the pillars of art in Abraham Kuyper's framework--wonder, beauty, glory, creativity and worship.

Hip hop artists are priests of art.

From Kuyper on creativity:

The priest of art must stand free, lofty, and independent over against [art that is impurely sensual]. His is not the calling to feed this confused appetite, but to lead it back to the pathway of genuine beauty. But it is exactly this that people living in the temple of art nowadays refuse. People lack character and they surrender. This evil must not be fought by rejecting every enjoyment that art is called to give.

On the contrary, without artistic enjoyment our human living is impoverished. Far rather it is an evil that must be defeated by purification, a purification that art will achieve in no other way than by elevating the human person beyond the domain of art, in his religious and ethical life" (Wisdom and Wonder, 161).

The world of art is much better off because of the tireless hard work and creativity of Humble Beast and Reach Records. Both labels embody wisdom and wonder. The lead us back to Beauty. They direct the human person toward the transcendent.

AuthorAnthony Bradley