Approximately 15% of married couples struggle with infertility. Of that number, 40% of cases are caused by infertile men. So much of how masculinity is framed in the West revolves around a man's ability to impregnate a woman and raise his own biological progeny, especially sons. This narrative is often interrupted by reality, however. Hundreds of couples in the US are not able to conceive biological children. If you are one of them, hundreds of men need to hear your story.

Anthony Bradley teaming up with licensed counselor in Washington state to provide a resource for couples wrestling with infertility, but from the husband's perspective. Nearly all of the major resources on infertility are written by women for women with little attention paid to understanding how infertility effects men. We looking for a few men who would be willing to answer 7 questions:

(1) How did you come to learn about your infertility (either yours or your wife's) and how did you initially respond?
(2) How did/does the news make you see yourself as a man? 
(3) What issues did this news raise for you spiritually?
(4) Describe what it was like walking though this with your wife?
(5) (a) What are some of the stupid or unhelpful or unwise things have people said/done to you all after finding out? (b) What are some things you encounter that trigger painful reminders of your infertility?
(6) What are some do's and don'ts you would advise for friends and family once they are made aware that a couple is infertile? 
(7) For the guy who just found out that he's infertile, what does he need to hear?

We're asking participants to write about 2,000-5,000 words (which will come easy) and should read almost like a journal entry. We're only looking for contributors to answer the questions directly. You can write anonymously if you'd like. You'll have a few months to write a response. Being a good writer is not necessary, we just need men who are willing to tell their stories. 

We currently have 3 submissions thus far from the US and the UK and we're looking for a few more. Your story could help hundreds of men who need insight regarding the journey of infertility. For these submissions, it does not matter which spouse is infertile (if known).

If you're interested please contact Dr. Anthony Bradley at


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